mercredi 10 octobre 2007


Aujourd'hui juste un petit article pour vous dire que j'ai décidé de traduire mon blog en anglais pour les personnes qui visitent mon blog et qui ne comprennent pas le français, spécialement mon amie Yuko du Japon mais aussi toutes celles qui veulent venir me rendre visite. Mon anglais n'est sans doute pas parfait, mais je vais faire de mon mieux pour faire le moins d'erreurs possible.

Today just a little article to tell you that I decide to translate my blog in English for the persons who visit my blog and who don't speak French.
Sorry for my poor and funny English !! but I'll really do my best not to make too many mistakes.

So welcome everybody from all over the world, especially Yuko from Japan and Claudia from Italy. I really hope you will enjoy visiting my blog, and don't forget to leave a comment.
Thanks ;-)))

3 commentaires:

Claudia a dit…

Thanks so much!!!! I understand french as well... but english for me is better to write!!!!!
Anyway, I have to thank you so much to write your comments on my blog in Italian!!! You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!! :)

Yuko a dit…

WooHoo! Yeah, finally I can read your blog!!
Thank you! I'm so happy to read through them!
Looking forward to reading next post!!!

Xangles a dit…

Hi, Domy. Don't worry about writing in perfect English. I think we all understand the language of cross stitch. I speak some French, but after 20+ years in Australia, it's a little rusty. So I'll read your blog in French for practice.

You have some really beautiful stitching on your blog! Love them and look forward to your next post.