samedi 20 juin 2009

Mary Wigham

Je vais broder cet ouvrage en 1 fil/2 fils de trame sur une toile Edimburgh 14 fils coloris crème et fils Threadworx coloris Kaleb's Cherry Patch trouvé chez Isabelle (merci !!)

rendez-vous bientôt pour voir la première partie !!

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Paule a dit…

c'est magnifique!!!
Dépèche-toi, je suis impatiente de voir le rendu :o)

Carla a dit…

Hello, Domy!

First, I want to congrat you for the amazing gift you gave to Joei. The pieces are breathtaking! They seem like part of a fairy tale!

I also want to thank you for the visit to my blog. Your comment was very appreciated and kind. You know, it is kind of nice to stitch January in July. At least if the stitcher lives in the Southern Hemisphere, like me. July is winter down here! hehehe!

Excuse me for my shyness in coming here to visit you. I avoid to comment anything in french blogs because I can understand French almost perfectly, but if I try to write anything, it's a disaster. So, I have to write in English (I assume that not anybody talk Portuguese, Spanish or Italian, but my written Italian isn't good too) and I have noticed that some French stitchers don't appreciate comments in English. I have tryed five or six times in different blogs, but my comments were ignored or even erased. So, when I read in Joei's about you and you blog, I came here. Saw a French blog and my shyness shouted: "Don't comment anything, Carla!" And so I did.

About this needlework you are almost starting, congrats! I don't have as much patience as you seem to have to stitch so intrincated patterns. And, wow, these threads are simply wonderful! I loved the colors. The shade going from almost brown to bordeaux is amazing! Now, I am curious to see your progress.

Be sure, I'll come here once and again. It is nice to know that I can contact someone abroad who speaks French, stitches marvellous things and even so I can comment everything freely in English!

Thanks a lot and, again, congrats for you nice handwork!

Anonyme a dit…

Nous vous remercions de intiresnuyu iformatsiyu

prashant a dit…

They seem like part of a fairy tale!

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Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…
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