vendredi 11 avril 2008

Du Japon !!

Cette semaine j'ai reçu un colis de mon amie Yuko du Japon !!! Il s'agit de notre premier échange cette année et Yuko m'a encore gâtée ! Comme à son habitude Yuko réalise de très belles choses avec un fini impécable.

This week I received a parcel from my friend Yuko from Japan ! Here's our first exchange for 2008 ! And as usual Yuko spoiled me :-)) As usual, Yuko made beautiful things with a perfect finishing. Thanks and don't worry my friend your parcel will arrive really soon !!

4 commentaires:

Carla a dit…

what a lovely exchange! I see you like tea :)

Joei a dit…

Another lovely exchange Domy. Yuko is a great stitcher and a lovely person.

Solstitches a dit…

I always love to see the things Yuko has stitched.
What a lovely exchange package you received from her.

Jessie a dit…

I have stitched this design too and i certainly agree how beautifully Yuko have finished this LK Tea design.
What a lovely happy exchange.